Washing machine tips

Choosing a detergent

The main point in choosing chemical detergents for washing is their effectiveness - the ability to cope with stubborn stains. The optimal powder, be it liquid or granular, should not leave a pungent synthetic smell after washing. Quality laundry mixture rinses out of the fabric without any problems. 

Composition and type of action

Washing mixtures consist of anionic and nonionic surfactant molecules, sodium silicate and sulfate, soda, citric acid, coloring, and aromatic components combined in different proportions. Surfactant particles have a universal effect - they are able to penetrate deep into the fabric, separating third-party contaminants from the canvas. The powder can be based on enzymes to effectively remove protein contaminants and phosphates to soften water hardness. The combination of surfactants with enzymes enhances the effect of the powder and allows you to quickly remove stains from blood, milk, cocoa, and oily and cosmetic dirt. Phosphate compounds are banned in many countries.

Sodium per carbonate-based bleaches is most commonly used to bleach light-colored fabrics (the safest for the environment). Per carbonate, bleaches are also referred to as oxygen bleaches since said per carbonate consists of crystallized soda and hydrogen peroxide particles. There are also chlorine-containing mixtures that are no less effective but less safe. You don't have to use bleach with every wash - you need to purchase a universal powder from time to time and supplement it with a bleach mixture.

For washing colored laundry, it is worth using agents with paint stabilizers, which will allow you to preserve the color of objects to protect things from fading. Washing heavy fabrics such as linen or cotton require alkaline mixtures. Products with dietary supplements will optimally clean clothes stained with blood or wine, but they often cannot be used, as this leads to tissue destruction.

Tips for economical washing

The prewash program is available in the modern washing machine and will only be effective for dirty items. There is no perceptible difference when prewashing moderately soiled items compared to the standard program. To preserve the appearance of an item, it is worth sorting them by color and type of fabric. That will allow you to reduce power consumption. The detergent packaging indicates the optimal dosage for high-quality cleaning of things - stick to it. Excessive reduction amounts of powder can lead to the deposition of harsh salts on clothing.