Replacing washing machine shock absorber in Coimbatore

Replacing shock absorbers of a washing machine in Coimbatore is a frequent service faced by the service technician. Both old and new models use devices to extinguish and soften vibrations during washing and spinning. The washing machine shock absorber or dampers can last a long time they can quickly fail. For example, in Samsung, LG, IFB, and Bosch models, dampers last up to 5 years without failures. Others require intervention after 2-3 years. Much also depends on the operating conditions.

Replacing shock absorbers in a washing machine - common reasons

Customers who want to order a replacement or repair are interested in the reasons for such problems. Malfunctions and breakage of dampers occur when the drum is overloaded, especially in spin mode. But there are other reasons too:

  1. Too frequent operation without observing the manufacturer's requirements,
  2. Ignoring vibration problems,
  3. Wear the ring seals,
  4. drying of the lubricant in the cylinder.

Replacing a shock absorber in a washing machine in Coimbatore will be especially effective if you find new original parts.

Damage symptoms of shock absorbers

You don't need to be a master to determine if shock absorbers require attention. It is enough to notice such symptoms in the washing or spinning mode:

  1. Strong vibrations at high speeds,
  2. The appearance of knocking and other uncharacteristic sounds,
  3. Movement of the machine on the floor,
  4. Dropping or loosening of the drive belt.

All this can lead to leakage problems - Strong beating leads to damage to the door cuff, and depressurization occurs.

How to check the condition of the shock absorbers yourself

If you are a little familiar with the device of the washing machine, you can try to diagnose and replace it yourself. Disconnect the equipment from the mains, turn off the water and remove the drainage and composing hoses.

Different models are different places and methods:

  1. They put the LG washing machine on their side and feel for the plastic clips holding them. They open manually or with special mechanic keys.
  2. Samsung, Bosch, IFB, and other brands used two keys.
  3. Whirlpool mounts shock absorbers on both sides with latches. Be careful when pushing them - they are made of plastic.

Replacement of shock absorbers for washing machines in Coimbatore: options

It is best to replace worn-out shock absorbers with the same original ones. Sometimes you can pick up analogs with the same characteristics.

  1. The data applied to the case and the numerical designation range from 80 to 120 N.
  2. The distance between the axles in a compressed and extended state is measured.
  3. The mounting method in the absence of latches and special bolts.

But it's better to entrust the solution to a problem to a specialist. Replacing shock absorbers in a washing machine (Coimbatore) is well-known to the specialists of our service center. We go directly to your home and work with new original spare parts.