The drain hose of the washing machine is leaking – where to look for leaks?

Washing machine leaks are not a rare occurrence that spoils the life of users. It is clear that if the machine itself flows directly, its internal mechanisms, then you cannot do without dismantling the case, but if the drain hose of the washing machine is flowing, then here you need to consider three main reasons for the leakage.

  1. Hose tip,
  2. Loosening of the fastening,
  3. Damage to the mechanical plan.

Let's start in order. As everyone knows, the drain hose is a corrugated pipe made of plastic. Both sides of this pipe are separate detachable elements of the entire structure. In this case, one of the tips is attached to the drain pump and the second to the sewage system. And the diameters of these two tips are different. The tip with a smaller diameter is connected to the drain pump, with a larger diameter – with a siphon branch. The design of the tip is such that it completely prevents leakage due to a snug fit directly to the corrugated pipe itself.

The drain hose water leakage is observed precisely at this point – at the connection of the hose to the tip. You can fix this problem quickly if you use the fum tape. Removed from the drain hose end the drain hose wrapped with fum tape, after which put in place. 

If the fastener is losing the drain hoses can also leak. The reason for this is the loosening of the self-tightening clamp that connects the drain hose to the drain pump. A worm clamp will help to cope with this problem, which must be tight with a pivot screw in place of the self-clamping clamp. The hose has put the siphon either with a tension clamp or a rubber cuff. Here it is worth remembering that the rubber cuff can also weaken over time, which will cause a leak. Repairing a leak of this kind is simple – you need to replace the cuff.

The last possible problem due to which the drain hose can leak is damage to the drain hose itself. Often, a corrugated hose can crack during prolonged use or bend, where a hole can form at the bending through which water will seep. The repair needs LG, Samsung, IFB, Bosch, Whirlpool, and Siemens washing machines. After all, if the drain hose of the washing machine is flowing, then enough to buy a new hose and install it in place of the old one. Later you need that there are no kinks in the hose. Otherwise, during the further operation of the machine, the story of the leakage of the drain hose may repeat itself. The cost of a new hose is low, but timely precautions will prevent flooding for your downstairs neighbors.