The washing machine does not drain the water, how to fix it?

Have you decided to wash your laundry and noticed that the washing machine water does not drain? Unfortunately, this is one of the most common problems. The reasons for its occurrence can be different.

But before talking about the reasons. Let's look at how this problem manifests itself. And what kinds of it are:

  1. The water drained slowly, and the program may malfunction,
  2. During the washing, the endpoint water is not drained,
  3. Sometimes water will drain, and others, it will not,
  4. Everything is fine during the main wash, but no draining occurs during rinsing,
  5. The spin mode blocked after draining,
  6. What could be the reasons for this malfunction? Let's list them.

The connecting pipe between the tank and the pump

  1. There was a foreign object in the pump,
  2. The pump filter is clogged with debris,
  3. The pump has broken,
  4. Sewer or siphon blockage,
  5. Clogged hose through which water is drained.

We clean the filter

After that, let's check our filter. It is located at the bottom of the case from the front. During work, some water may spill onto the floor. Therefore, it is better to prepare a rag or a small empty container in advance. If you see that the filter is clogged, then simply clean it of foreign matter. This procedure can solve the problem you have encountered.

Checking the pipe

To gain access to it, it is necessary to unscrew the bolts that fix the fasteners of the drain unit. After that, we take out the branch pipe and remove the fixing clamp. Then we drain the water from the branch pipe into a pre-prepared container.

After that, you need to check if our branch pipe is clogged with any debris. To do this, squeeze it slightly in different places. If you feel a blockage, it must be removed. After that, we collect the entire structure in its original state.


If this did not solve our problem. Then move on to the next possible malfunction. Now we will check if the pump impeller has jammed. It is located directly behind the filter. If even a small thing gets into it, it may cause a malfunction. So try turning the impeller first. If it rotates and you can't see any extraneous things, then everything is in order with it. And if you find something superfluous, for example, a coin or a button, remove it. If this did not help, then it remains to check the drain pump (pump).

After that, we will check the performance of the washing machine by performing a test wash. Be careful when washing. If there is a leak somewhere, it means that some part of the connection was not properly secured. In this case, correct this defect and check the operation of the washing machine again.