Which washing machine to buy

The purchase of expensive home appliances always gives rise to the pangs of choice of a variety of brands. I do not want to make a bargain and take disposable equipment, but there is no desire to overpay for a promoted brand either. For information, the matter did not arise - it is a dime a dozen. But everything is like a selection. This machine will serve you faithfully until the end of your life or is an excellent solution for the home. The sales consultant recommends taking very dosed. It is clear to we written articles.

Why did I undertake to clarify? Everything is logical - a person engaged in the washing machines service has an idea of ​​what this or that device is and how high-quality guts are installed in its bowels.

You look for the exact answer here what, where and how much to buy. I will only present my vision of a market and what it offers to the consumer. And based on this information, you will try to decide which washing machine to buy and how much to pay for it.

The brand was selected in this way: first, the brand history, and the main points of production localization, and after this information comes to my comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the washing machine of this brand. Click on the logo of the brand you are interested in and read the information on it.

In order not to repeat myself in each article, I would like to draw up a kind of denominator right away, fair, with rare exceptions, for any brand:

Firstly, it is a fact that over the past two to three years, the quality of washing machines has deteriorated dramatically. Moreover, the high cost is not always a guarantee that a reliable and trouble-free device is purchased. I see the reason for corporate globalization and the high level of production localization. Simply put, components for washing machines began to be made by all and sundry, and the manufacturer does not always take a responsible approach to the choice of the supplier.

Secondly, in our and the world market, several companies compete. The eye-catching assortment is the result of marketing gimmicks and rebranding. Several brands have the same filling and differ only in the panel and the proud name on the chest.

Thirdly all companies, without exception follow the path. The design while making it less and less maintainable and durable. For example, the squeak of the latest production fashion is not a collapsible drum. If the bearings fail, it will be easier for the owner to buy a new machine - repair is not economically feasible. Or carbon-graphite brushes installed in bulk instead of graphite. The latter runs an order of magnitude longer, clogs up the machine less, and is not much more expensive. What is the reason for this decision? Consumer care?

General analysis decide which washing machine brand is better to buy. I hope that my advice will help you spend your money more efficiently.