Long Life Washer: Seven Tips For Proper Use

Therefore, today we will try to give you a number of tips that will help in the future to avoid frequent breakdowns and premature failure of your washing machine.

Tip number 1: Before loading laundry into the washing machine, check for foreign objects in the drum. Very often, children can put a toy there or a pet can hide any small thing in the drum that will cause damage to your washing machine. In the same way, check the drum for needles, pins, buttons, and at the end of the wash.

Tip number 2: Lay the laundry in the washing machine in a flattened form so that it is distributed evenly across the drum. Be careful not to accidentally exceed the set limit on the weight of the laundry that your machine can wash in one cycle. If you fill a full drum, you are unlikely to be satisfied with the result of the wash. Also, do not wash one thing at a time, because the washing machine will not be able to evenly distribute it throughout the drum before spinning, which is undesirable. And, of course, do not forget that the laundry must be sorted: light, dark, color, shedding, etc.

Tip number 3: Do not neglect the tips for using washing powder. Choose only an automatic powder machine for your washing machine, because any other detergent can provoke a malfunction of the electronics and cause the drum to break. Remember, the more laundry you intend to wash, the more you should use washing powder to ensure the highest possible quality of washing.

Tip number 4: If you use a fabric softener, try to dilute it with water, because, as a rule, all conditioners have a thick consistency, and the washing machine does not take it all.

Tip number 5: After washing, be sure to wipe the hatch of the hatch (an elastic band between the glass and the washing machine), and also leave the hatch slightly ajar if you do not want a fungus to settle in your machine.

Tip number 6: Use descaler separately or buy automatic detergent powders that help protect your washing machine from scale. You can check whether there is scale on the heating element or not yourself. To do this, shine a flashlight on the heating element, which is located at the bottom of the tank, through the holes in the drum, while the drum itself is gently rocking. In order not to leave scale the slightest chance, try to wash at low temperatures (optimally - at 40ºС).

Tip number 7: At the first signs of malfunctions in the operation of your washing machine (for example, you notice that water is leaking, a strange unpleasant smell has appeared, the machine began to work more noisy, etc.) stop the wash and call the washing machine repair technician. Otherwise, the likelihood that the cost of repairs will increase significantly or that the washing machine will not be repairable at all increases many times.

Specialists of the My Service Center are sure: if you follow these simple tips, your washing machine will serve you faithfully for more than a year. And if it is time to improve the health status of your assistant, our qualified specialists are always at your service!