Secrets Of Quality Washing For Housewives

Today, Washing Machine Service specialists are ready to share with you the secrets of successful washing

  • Even if the clothes are slightly soiled, in no case do not soak them beforehand and do not wash them in very hot water. Modern washing powders can cope with a wide variety of contaminants even at fairly low temperatures, but excessively hot water can only shorten the life of things, and you hardly need it.
  • If you wear cotton products, remember that he has a tendency to sit down, so try to choose jeans a few centimeters longer so that after the first wash you will not be disappointed.
  • In order for the things that you like to wear to serve you as long as possible, try to strictly adhere to the recommended temperature regime. It is better to set the temperature below the specified limit than higher. Moreover, colored linen, as a rule, fades from washing at high temperatures, which is completely useless to you.
  • If you are dealing with wool, choose the appropriate washing program (as a rule, all modern washing machines have a program for washing wool fabrics at a temperature of 30-40 ° C, which also provides for gentle spinning). To keep the wool product fluffy and soft to the touch after washing, use special products or just add a little glycerin to the rinse compartment.
  • Unfortunately, almost every housewife was faced with the fact that after washing on dark linen there are white spots, drips or white grains. There may be several reasons for this: you went too far with the powder or the powder itself turned out to be of poor quality, because it contained particles that were poorly soluble in water. Your actions: brush the laundry (since rinsing may not always be effective) and in the future try to use liquid laundry detergent for such products.
  • We draw your attention to the fact that you should not use the washing machine as a basket for dirty laundry: you run the risk of making mold not only on the walls of the machine, but also stains on clothes. Whenever you buy a new washing powder, be sure to check the dosage, because most modern detergents, even in small quantities, effectively cope with the most difficult contaminants