Washing Machine Installation

An important point for the long and stable operation of the washing machine is its proper installation. First of all, do not trust the installation to random people or “specialists” who undertake the installation of everything in a row, otherwise the washing machine may need to be repaired already in the first months of its operation. In particular, if you intend to install the machine in a country house, then make sure that the device is grounded and protected from lightning discharges, which the device electronics may not withstand. is.

The floor on which the washing machine will stand must be rigid so that it does not vibrate during washing, and especially during the spin cycle. Excessive vibration can shorten the life of bearings, the same electronics and many other elements. If you intend to connect the machine not to the central water supply, but say to the drive, then note that the water pressure for normal operation of the washing machine must be at least 0.3 atmospheres. Simply put, the storage tank should be at a height of about 3 meters in relation to the machine.