Bosch Washing Machine Service Center

Our service center carries out the repair, maintenance, and service of almost all modern brands of Bosch washing machines. This manufacturer, as one of the most popular in the territory of the post-Soviet countries, enjoys special love from our customers. Therefore service center so often encounters this particular brand.

Considering that Bosch is an almost perfectly balanced price with quality, the purchase of such equipment is quite reasonable. Our customers apply for the repair of various models of the brand.

And since we have been working in this area for more than ten years, during this period we have gained massive experience in repairing equipment of this particular brand. For this task, we use modern equipment, methods of Indian colleagues, and our developments. And most importantly, if it is necessary to replace a particular spare part, we always use only the original parts. And we never inflate the price tag without trying to get additional profit from the client. Our approach is a fair and mutually beneficial deal.

Bosch washing machine service center Chennai

When deciding to contact us for services, know that in the end, you get.

Quality performance of the task We carried out the correct sorting of personnel and eliminated staff turnover. All our craftsmen are professionals who have been recommended for years, able to identify the cause of a breakdown at a glance, and can disassemble the machine blindfolded.

Completely free consultation and diagnostics If there is an order in the future. After all, diagnostics is part of measures to restore performance. It is enough that the client pays for the service once. It makes no sense to break it into a lot of parts in the pursuit of profit.

Operational decision We repair Bosch washing machines at home in Chennai. Our mechanic will appear on the doorstep on the day of the appeal, exactly at the time that you choose. It's more convenient for you. There is no need to go to the office or transport massive equipment. As a last resort, if the breakdown cannot be corrected on the spot, we will take on the task of transporting the service.

Warranty We work with quality. And after our repair, we are ready to give a full guarantee. Depending on the nature of the malfunction, the client receives a warrant.

Democratic price offer Despite the relatively non-budgetary cost of most of the model range of equipment of this brand, we offer repair of Bosch washing machines at home at a very affordable price. Moreover, our loyal customers' price applies to all types of services.

Service areas in Chennai

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