Samsung Washing Machine Service Center

Many home appliance owners seek to save on the cost of repair work and carry out the installation on their own. If you decide to repair Samsung washing machines at home in Coimbatore affordably, you can contact our company, in case of self-repair, several important aspects should be taken into account. If the warranty period has not expired, then it is not worth carrying out any repair work on your own, otherwise you can lose the guarantee of qualified assistance, and the cost of work will increase. If you want to repair the Samsung on your own, it is worth remembering that certain knowledge is required in the field of the design features of the model.

So, if you have an unpleasant situation and urgently need to fix a Samsung washing machine, call this phone and make a home call. The technician will come only at a convenient time for you, inspect the machine, explain what happened to it and how it can be eliminated.

By contacting our service center, you will receive all services in one place:

  • There will be no need to wander around the city in search of the necessary spare part, because it can be purchased from us (by prior agreement, the technician can bring parts with him, leaving on request for repair);
  • No need to look for a carrier to transport a broken washing machine to the workshop, because our master will repair it at home, and if more complex equipment is needed, we will deliver your machine to the service center and bring it back;
  • You can remain our client and receive timely further technical maintenance in order to avoid breakdowns in the future.

And all this at very pleasant and most affordable prices in Coimbatore, without markups and additional services.

Samsung Washing Machine Service Center

SAMSUNG washing machine error codes

  • E1 Water filling error
  • E2 There is no water drain (water from the tank was not drained within the allotted time)
  • E3 The water level in the tank was reached "OVERFILL"
  • DE, DOOR Blocking defect (the hatch door is not closed or open)
  • E4 Laundry imbalance in the drum
  • E5, E6 Problems with water heating
  • E7 Faulty water level sensor
  • E8 Water temperature does not correspond to the norm
  • E9 The error appears if spontaneous draining (or water leakage) occurs 4 times to a safe level for turning on the heater.

Thanks to a thorough knowledge of Samsung technology, our experts will carry out, any repair of Samsung washing machines. And despite the fact that models of the same brand can break down in different ways, there are some common problems inherent in certain washing machines. Experts say that they can be avoided by periodically carrying out preventive maintenance on the Samsung washing machine.

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