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Even the most reliable, high-quality washing machines from trusted brands fail under heavy loads. IFB devices are considered the best in their segment. They are functional, ergonomic, reliable, and endowed with impeccable performance properties. These machines rarely, but still break down.

To avoid costly and lengthy repairs, and in some cases even a final breakdown, it is best to use the help of a trusted IFB service center, which employs competent specialists with extensive experience. Repair of the IFB washing machine is carried out using original spare parts that increase the service life.


A device with a shelf life of no more than 5 years, as a rule, works properly, there are no problems with it. If breakdowns occur during operation, then it is necessary to determine the reasons for their occurrence. Often users complain about malfunctions in the drain pump. It very quickly becomes unusable due to clogging with debris: wool, thread, and other waste. It also happens that the machine starts to make noise, does not fill, or drain water, or does not wash at all. To approximately determine the cause of the malfunction, it is necessary to decipher the error codes. But it is better to immediately contact the mechanic, who will save you from unnecessary expenses.

IFB washing machine service center Chennai

IFB washing machine breakdowns.

Carrying out repair work on devices is associated with the need to troubleshoot various types of problems. The most popular of them include:

The start button does not turn on the device. First, you need to make sure that the cord is in working condition, and check the power supply, as well as the outlet. If everything is in order, then the master will have to diagnose the control unit and other parts of the units that are inside. If required, the failed node will be replaced.

The device does not drain water. This indicates that the filter is clogged, or the problem is in the pump. The expert, using professional equipment, will clean the filter and replace the pump.

The machine does not pump water. As a rule, this happens due to a small pressure of water. You need to make sure that the water tap is not blocked. Often the valve of the device breaks.

The appliance makes a lot of noise and vibrates during washing and spinning. The specialist will check the condition of the bearings. If they have served their purpose, then they will need to be changed.

The drum does not spin. It occurs because the drive belt has lost its elasticity, or has deteriorated. In some cases, the engineer detects a malfunction in the motor.

An important advantage of contacting our washing machine service center is that all work, as well as spare parts, are covered by warranties, which allows you to call an employee again free of charge to fix the breakdown. In addition, there is no need to take the machine to the office yourself - the mechanic will diagnose and repair it on the spot.

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